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Request for Input on Inclusive Child Care

Hello Everybody,

We're up to 14 members, but only a few of you have posted introductions. I know this little community is barely alive, but I'm going to try to breath some life into again.

So, I'm developing training curriculum that will be presented to parents to use to advocate for inclusive child care. I have a few questions for parents about inclusive child care. You can either create a separate post or answer in the comments section.

1. Did your child attend a child care center or pre-school anytime between the ages of 0-5?
2. Did they attend an inclusive neighborhood program? An early childhood special education program? Headstart?
3. Describe some successful experiences and positive outcomes of your child's experience.
4. Describe any barriers or other issues you faced, either in finding an inclusive childcare program or being in one.
5. How important was/is access to an inclusive childcare program to your family?

Thanks for your time!
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