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I have a 12 year old daughter who is repeating 6th grade after failing last year. She's currently receiving Special Education services for Math and for reading and writing. Her reading is good, but she has a heck of a time with writing. Both her Special Ed classes are very small, close to one-on-one services. And we got some of her mid-quarter progress reports today -- she has a 98.4% in her Math class! She's passing all of her classes.

Last year, she wasn't able to graduate to the next belt in Karate, because she had to be doing well in school as well. This year, we think she'll get her deputy black belt!

The lowest grade we're aware of is a C in Science, and we talked about ways to improve that. I'm so much happier with her specialist this year, and the IEP was much less painful with this woman running it. We've fought hard to get her the assistance she needs to succeed, and I think the combination of being held back as a consequence of failing and a far better specialist that I don't need to fight with has really improved her attitude towards school. Her teacher says she even catches her smiling at school!

Incidentally, while I understand the need for abbreviations in community names, I really don't like the abbreviation "Sped" as a general term. What do you all think? It's an argument I'm losing with the school.

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