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SPED Mama Reminder and Updates?


This community has been all but dormant since I first tried to get it off the ground sometime last year. We could use some more introductary posts and lots more parents of children, birth to 21 (or whatever the cut off is in your state), who receive special educational services. Please restrict your posts to entries regarding your experiences, issues, questions and/or concerns as a SPED parent.

My son has now began kindergarten and I've decided to keep a journal about the experience, right here on SPED_MAMA. This is my offering to the community, a request for feedback/moral support, and a handy way to document the trials and tribulations of special education in the Portland Public School District.

This summer we went through our first IEP process. We had to fight to get Henry into a half-day general ed kindergarten. We thought the hard part was over (getting an inclusive placement)! After our first week, I can honestly say that was a cakewalk compared to being a trail blazer in a district and school and classroom that has an entrenched policy of segregating kids with significant disabilities.

More soon...

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