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Kindergarten Letdown

It's kindergarten round-up month and I'm exploring all our options and going to open houses and such. I'm pretty anti-commute so I want to stick close to home. I visited our neighborhood school today, which is one of the better schools in the city, has a real music program, an artist in residence, exceptional science programs, high parent involvement, swifts that nest in their furnace chimney every fall that people come from far and wide to watch descend to their nests every evening, not to mention the most gorgeous auditorium with all the original details from the 1920s. After sitting through the one hour presentation, I took a tour. My first was question was "Where's the elevator?" Oh, right. No elevator. Next.

The school chewed me up and spit me out without really knowing it. I left close to tears. I felt resentment and hatred toward every unsuspecting adult and child within a 1 mile radius, who gleefully and ignorantly get to go through their days without having to worry about things like elevators, or how to buy a cart full of groceries and push a wheelchair at the same time, or what you're going to do when your kid grows out of the seat that you can fit into the tire swing, which is one of his greatest joys in life.

I know I'm *overreacting*, there are other choices. But this is our neighborhood school and H shouldn't be excluded because no one has made installing an elevator a priority. All of a sudden all their fucking programs seem like a big thumb to the nose to kids in wheelchairs and walkers. I know it was meant to be comforting when the tour guide/mother said it was sad because the kids were missing out on the experience of having peers with disabilities. I mean it's great that it would even occur to her, but right about now I think her kids have plenty of fricking opportunities. I'm just trying to get mine in the door.

I don't feel like this very often and I know it will pass or at least fade, but I really needed to vent. Thanks.
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